The Rasmussens {family}

I had a blast spending a beautiful Saturday morning with this amazing family! Every single one of them is so fun! I really enjoyed being a part of this family reunion after the return of their last missionary. (Welcome home KJ!)

Is this not the cutest bunch of little ones you've ever seen!

They were all running to give Grandma and Grandpa their big surprise hug :)
(it was our little secret).

See I told you... FUN! You can't help but enjoy yourself with this bunch!
Very GQ no!?!

And last but definitely not least... the ones responsible for the whole happy clan!
Don't they look happy!? :)
haha isn't this awesome! This was all their idea, I loved it!

This is more like it! :) Such a great couple with a wonderful family!
Thank you again Rasmussens!

3 comments: said...

You. Rock. The. House. Period.

kelly said...

So many beautiful eyes in that family! I love the one with all the grandkids running to them.

Lisa said...

Love the pictures!